Date: 2009-10-01 12:22 am (UTC)
ext_197473: kanzeon bosatsu from saiyuki reload blast (Default)
Hi, I just friended sarubaby today and I see you also do Saiyuki fanarts as well as being a Gravitation fan. I just started reading Saiyuki recently but Gravitation is what first pulled me into fandom, fanfiction, and LJ. I'm writing about Eiri and Shuichi for [ profile] 30_kisses (I'm almost half done).

I'm more partial to 393 than any other pairing but since Saiyuki is a slash fandom and nothing is really canon (thought 585 comes closest) I don't expect to develop a Saiyuki OTP.

I would be honored if you friended me. I'll friend you back and you can see what's on my LJ - some fanfic (Saiyiuki, Gravitation, the occasional Buffy or Angel drabble and fic based on Mokoto Tateno's Yellow), some RL personal stuff, some meta, some current events rantings.
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