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Sticky: Friend's Only

My journal has been set for "friends only". If you'd like to see my entries, comment here and let me know who ya are!

Oh, and this Sarene from LJ. I don't use this account, I just have that cross-posting thing.

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*hugs a sarene*

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*is massive dork*

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hey number 1...

I love me some dorky lechy

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gwah you better keep me on here son!!! luv ya!!

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well of course! Anyone I already have friended is fine. <3


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Hi HI! It's ReiZero from dA! Friends, please!

Re: Friends!

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sorry for the massive delay in response. HI THERE!

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....RAPE ME.

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[wtf I didn't ever see this, also remember this icon? lulz]

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hoooooooooly shit, Tim has an lj

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So, after collectively taking care of drunken Sawa, I think anyone could be friends. LOL. So add me so I can give a healthy dose of depressed and emo to your daily life <33333

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never fret, you silly git, you were never removed from the friends list in the first place. *pet pet*

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*sniffle* Katie wants be Nicoles fwieeeeend :( *pout*

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added! *tight cling*

I was bored

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do you even update this thing? XD

Re: I was bored

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ha! whenever I REMEMBER lj exists...

Re: I was bored

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Re: I was bored

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Hi Sarene! I've read one of your fics, Checklist, and I liked very much. If you want to add me as friend, I'll be delighted. Thanks!

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lololo I troll u

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zomg I'm being trolled

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Hello, darling! <333

This is Dani ... or thekingofqueens25 from DA. XD You KNOW I would love to be added to your friends list. As I am adding you right noaw. Fer srs.

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ohshi, hey there! Just finding me everywhere, aren'tcha? XD *adds*
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I really need to make mine pretty too
ADORE the banner!

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huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu <3
ext_197473: kanzeon bosatsu from saiyuki reload blast (Default)

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Hi, I just friended sarubaby today and I see you also do Saiyuki fanarts as well as being a Gravitation fan. I just started reading Saiyuki recently but Gravitation is what first pulled me into fandom, fanfiction, and LJ. I'm writing about Eiri and Shuichi for [ profile] 30_kisses (I'm almost half done).

I'm more partial to 393 than any other pairing but since Saiyuki is a slash fandom and nothing is really canon (thought 585 comes closest) I don't expect to develop a Saiyuki OTP.

I would be honored if you friended me. I'll friend you back and you can see what's on my LJ - some fanfic (Saiyiuki, Gravitation, the occasional Buffy or Angel drabble and fic based on Mokoto Tateno's Yellow), some RL personal stuff, some meta, some current events rantings.

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ooh yay! Gravi is tied for my second favorite series of all time [tied with Kyou Kara Maou]. So awesome!

Ahahah ^^; I wish I could do fanart. The drawings around my journal is done by [ profile] sarubaby, but I do fanfics. In fact, [ profile] sarubaby and I have a few doujinshi series that I write for and she draws it all out.

Thanks for hunting me down though! I'll friend you back as well! Great to meet new people with similar tastes!


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Hey, this is ReiZero from dA! Cna we be friends? Please?

Re: Friends?

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yes of course! *adds you*

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thank you so much for friending me, Sashi-san!^_^

God, and i just LOVE how your's and Saru-san's journals look! Very colorful, creative, and pretty(a.k.a total awesomeness), much like how you and Saru-san are; AWESOME!!^^

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XD I think I actually had you friends before? I dunno. A couple of months ago I swiped through my flist, unfriending dead accounts. And since you hadn't made a journal since like.. well.. ever XD I undid yours. But then I looked up who you were and I was like OH! And re-friended you. <3

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Hi. This is Yaone from the RP-Ikkou.

Can I be your friend, then you delete this immediately? I am sad that I am ruining the epic 39 comment epicness going on.

I totally think you're supercool.

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XD hahahaha, it was just a matter of time before the 39 was gone anyways. *goes to add you*


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Hi~! I've been following Sarubaby and I've stopped over on your pages more than once so I thought I'd drop by and stalk you here too. XDD If that's alright with you. I like to be a stalker with permission if at all possible.

Re: Hello~

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Stalk away! I'll add ya back~

...Friends? ^^;

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Hey, it's Shien from rp-ikkou.

...Can we be friends? ^^;

Re: ...Friends? ^^;

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But of course! *adds you*


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Hi there! I've been watching Sarubaby for a while and I figured I'd kinda say hi, do a little friending...and...that's kinda it. Though, if at all possible, I'd like to be friends with you, instead of just a kinda weird stalker person. ^_^'

Re: Ohaithere

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XD The more stalkers the better I suppose! I'll go add ya back now~

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I'd like to be friends with you ;.; y/y?
(love your smut ffs a lot xDD)

[identity profile] 2010-01-12 07:30 pm (UTC)(link)
oooooooo y! and thank you XD

[identity profile] 2010-01-18 08:18 am (UTC)(link)
Oh I'm just a stalker, looking to maybe read some smut >o> I hear it's very very good. Saru keeps going on and on about it so...I want to check it out T^T

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XD Perverted stalkers are the best stalkers! And I hope I don't disappoint <<;;

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Me is One of ur fanfic lover XD and Sarubaby is my SAVIOR cuz she made ur fic into a doujinshi!! XD

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haha oh my >//< thank you! *adds*

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Hiya !! I love SachiRine works, you guys are so pervy ♥

[identity profile] 2010-01-29 10:59 am (UTC)(link)
hahahaha it's so true XD

oh hello!

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I'm princessembrace from y!gal, the one that made your ego inflate. XD

Re: oh hello!

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Why hello hello!

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