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Birthdate:Sep 24
Location:California, United States of America
Website:SashiRine Doujinshi

Yo, I'm Sashi... Just call me Sashi, I have too many nicknames to keep up with these days. I'm a 23 year old atheist, lesbian, jobless college drop-out. My mother must be so proud.

I am a ridiculously obsessed anime fan. My number one fandom is Saiyuki, and I've dived head first into the BL world. I write fanfics from time to time and have FAR too much manga/yaoi/doujins to be healthy. I have a beautiful and adorable girlfriend, [info]sarubaby who makes me very happy. I troll for the lulz and I come from the internet. I like the word faggot.

Oh, and the majority of the icons I have uploaded here I made myself unless stated otherwise. Feel free to use them if you want~

*************Journal background, banner, 'friends only' image, and bio picture were all drawn by the beautiful and talented [info]sarubaby for me because she is the BEST GIRLFRIEND EVER*************
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